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Niurka + Eric // A Winter Wonderland Vermont Wedding

I’ve been so, so, SO excited to share this wedding with you. As you might remember from the post I wrote about our visit to Vermont and how we ended up there, I’ve been looking forward to this wedding ever since Niurka contacted around this time last year. I distinctly remember one of the first emails she sent me, listing off some of the details that would be incorporated into their day. One sentence from that email sums all of this up and might help explain my crazy excitement: “I want it to feel like Andy Warhol and Norman Rockwell got together in heaven and decided to be my wedding planners.” Hellooooo, dream Morgan Trinker wedding. Immediately I began envisioning bright colors, funky floral arrangements, and an all-around perfect snowy, Christmas-y, Americana aesthetic. And when she sent me a photo of her dress (and literally, she had pretty much everything booked, planned, and purchased nearly a year in advance- amazing!), I just started crying. I don’t know why I suddenly got so sentimental and emotional, but I did. I just knew it would be perfect.

And perfect it was!

Niurka and Eric went on their first date seven years ago (on December 18, which is now also their wedding anniversary– perfect!) thanks to They had both grown weary of the New York City dating scene, which apparently is swarming with singles looking for flings, not rings. I love that about these two. How they value commitment, loyalty, relationships, family. How they are two of the kindest, most thoughtful people you’d ever meet. And also how they have seriously fantastic style, which for Eric is totally GQ and for Niurka is, in her own words, Mad Hatter meets Audrey Hepburn. They devour every issue of GQ that lands in their mailbox and are so style-savvy that Niurka actually did a Facebook status series on tips for guys on dressing smartly and embracing your inner Don Draper. I have to say, I learned a LOT in the twenty-plus-part series. :) It only makes sense then, considering their mutual love for dressing well and dressing up, and Niurka’s admiration for creative geniuses like Andy Warhol and Tim Burton, that their favorite holiday is Halloween and they put a huge amount of effort into putting together their costumes every year.

I think what it all boils down to, and what I witnessed on their wedding day, is that they obviously have a knack for presentation and attention to detail and creativity and unconventional thinking, but at the same time, there’s nothing showy or ostentatious about their love for each other, for their family, and for their friends. So on that note, let’s get to the images so can see for yourself exactly what I’m talking about.

We started the day really early, at 6:30 am. (The ceremony was scheduled for 10, so there was a good reason!) When Jamie and I arrived at the Inn at the Round Barn Farm, it seriously felt like the Christmas mornings of our childhood. It was so early that it was still dark outside, but the trees and decorations were lit and everyone was gathered around the fireplace, snuggling up with mugs of coffee, speaking in whispers, as a growing sense of excitement filled the room. At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, it was kind of magical. Moments like that are what makes this job so completely rewarding.

After the ceremony, which was held in the lower level of the round barn, guests headed upstairs for a delicious brunch feast with made-to-order omelets, a spread of breakfast meats and pastries and fruit unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and a “cake” that was actually a tower of cake doughnuts. Oh, and a bar offering seasonal beverages like eggnog and hot chocolate in addition to all the standards. Delish. And the ladies of Favors and More did a fabulous job pulling all the decor elements together… it really is an Andy Warhol/Norman Rockwell Christmas, no?

After portrait time, everyone met up at a nearby ice skating rink for some more fun. This was SUCH a good idea, and of course made for some pretty great photos. ;)

Niurka and Eric– and all of their friends and family members– it was an honor to meet you and document such an important day in your lives. It was flawlessly executed and overflowing with joy and love. Thank you.


Michael Eller - Love the photos Morgan! Great job. Reminds me of the good times that weekend!

Jenn Valluzzo - Can I be you when I grow up? Beautiful. Awesome job. Ah, I just love everything about it!

Janine Fanuzzi - “Congratulations” absolutely beautiful! God Bless

Donya - I just love it! What a beautiful wedding!

Brittany Duncan - These pictures are breathtaking!! You are so talented Morgan! I absolutely cannot wait for you to photograph our wedding! Matthew and I are so excited to work with you! :)

Aunt Amanda - Oh. My. Goodness. I loved everything about this wedding! Another incredible job capturing every detail of what looks like an extremely magical day.

Dave - I have waited so long to see these – I need another adjective though to describe these photos……extraordinary, sensational, over-the-top, superb…I love the ringbear’s sneakers, the crooked bow tie, the Katherine Hepburn stamps, the table cards depicting the 12 days of Christmas. I think a Hallmark movie needs to be made of the courtship and ending with this incredibly beautiful wedding. WOW!

carly - SO in love with this wedding. Wow… *dreamy sigh*

Rae - Niurka,you look just lovely.Thanks for choosing my headdress and birdcage veil from my ‘Etsy’shop and wearing it with such grace and style!You were such a nice person to have as a customer,Rae

Niurka - These pictures, like so many taken by Morgan, are incredible. As I look at the faces of all of my family and friends, the various artistic touches which were the contribution of so many amazing vendors and artists, and observe the finishing product made possible by various hard working folks in the service industry, I am blown away. All this combined with the kind words of so many individuals, even some strangers, and reading Morgan’s touching introduction about our day, I realize just how precious life is and how fortunate I am. Eric and I are eternally grateful to you all. If you are a bride, or any other individual looking for a photographer, and browsing through Morgan’s website trying to decide whether or not to book her – DO IT… right now, at this moment.

Yin Vivo - Morgan’s photography is fabulous, she has a wonderful eye for color, space and detail. And… there is so much joy and love in every picture of Nuirka & Eric’s special day. Niurka is incredibly beautiful. Thank you, Niurka, for choosing my chair signs for your ceremony, and thank you Morgan, for such brilliant pictures!

Hope - Beautiful! So now you’ve photographed at least 2 weddings where the bride and groom met on Maybe you could be match’s official wedding photographer!

Aunt Heather - Catch’n up on my blogs and oh my my!! I KNEW from your 2010 highlight blog the moment I saw the sneak peek of this wedding that it would be one of my favorites….and I was right on!! Can’t think of a good enough adjective to describe it…I loved EVERY stink’n picture you took…how do you do that?!?? Beautiful couple….the snapshots of each one of them lookin’ at the other during the ceremony totally showed what they felt for the other. The bride’s comment on your pictures is totally true…any future bride would be crazy NOT to hire you!!!! Love to you and Jamie……..

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